Squirrel Cage

The squirrel cage that is in the rotor of the synchronous motor is specifically sized to operate at startup and at normal machine Gates B116 load oscillations during stepping operation. Unlike the cage of induction motors, which by the very principle of operation of these, this cage is sized for both the starting condition and the operating condition, needing to adequately meet both situations. Due to this specificity of the squirrel cage of the synchronous motors, the starting condition of this type of electric machine can be adapted during the design of the machine according to the particulars of the load to be driven by the engine, the starting method used and the operating conditions. operation.

Therefore it is important to know this information from the design stage of the machine, because in this way the machine can be optimized exactly to the operating condition for which it will be designed. Also for this reason, in cases where an existing synchronous motor is used to drive a load different from the original load, it is very important to analyze the starting and the characteristics of the machine to ensure that the synchronous motor can drive the new load correctly.

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